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WAVE Prevention

Programas de prevención

Prevention Goals and Objectives

In anticipation of receiving less funding for the FY22 - FY25 Primary Prevention Program Grant than requested, WAVE conducted a survey and received input from 205 Petersburg community members on the prevention programs to move forward with and the programs to cut. In addition to the survey, we interviewed 15 key community members to get more information about their knowledge of the prevention programs, barriers to participating in the programs, gaps they see in prevention in the community, and if they can take on any of the programs we cut. The answers to the survey and interview questions were considered when updating WAVEs prevention programming project goals and objectives for FY22-FY25.

Goal #1: Petersburg youth will have the skills to recognize and build healthy relationships.

This goal is to assist school-aged youth in developing healthy relationships. This includes reducing gender stereotypes, encouraging communication as a conflict resolution strategy, and normalizing non-violent behaviors.

WAVE will achieve this goal through the following programs:

🗣 Personal safety talks and healthy relationship discussions

🔑 In-school relationship building

 🎯 Youth programming

Goal #2: Petersburg community members will actively participate in prevention programming and have an increased awareness of the prevalence of violence and sexual assault in Petersburg.

This goal is to build a community normalization around not accepting violence or sexual assault. It includes increasing knowledge of warning signs and the impact of violence and sexual assault. This goal will also include building prevention procedures into community organizations and community members’ skills to intervene.

WAVE will achieve this goal through the following programs:

 👥 Community connectedness conversations and violence prevention awareness

 🗨️ Bystander intervention programming

 🧩 Stewards of Children - Darkness to Light

Goal #3: Work with SHARE coalition members to ensure a strategic approach in addressing shared risk factors and increasing shared protective factors that intersect with multiple forms of violence.

This goal is to build up the SHARE coalition’s capacity to prevent violence and sexual assault, while also increasing coalition focus on shared risk and protective factors, building coalition capacity, and creating continuity among workgroups.

WAVE will achieve this goal through the following programs:


 👥 Building coalition capacity to prevent violence and sexual assault

 📅 Facilitating monthly coalition meetings

 📨 Shared coalition messaging over multiple forms of media

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